2015. A review

So this idea has been floating around, I actually borrowed this idea from a dear friend, but sometimes a recap (even if people don’t read– is important). So without further ado…


1. Musical Artist-
Lady Lamb-
This woman speaks my mind with her sultry voice, can play banjo and electric, and has a rough around the edges kind of lyrics. She has been pivotal to my ever-developing musical tastes, but her words have helped me develop in ways that I wouldn’t normally admit to. She’s a Maine native, and I’m absolutely obsessed.
Songs I frequent: Sunday Shoes, Violet Clementine, Milk Duds, Bird Balloons, and Hair to the Ferris Wheel. (Among her entire catalog).

2. Quote-

I’ve spent most of my life hearing things about “not being safe” or I couldn’t do it because of my gender, because of societal expectations of how I “should” fit into a certain box. So I said screw that, and I did things that I wouldn’t normally do otherwise, and I have no regret in that.



3. Book-

Slip of the Tongue: Talking about Language-Katie Haegele
This book is easily my top favorite read of 2015. She talks about language in relationship to our lives, as well as peppering her own experiences in within the book. I recommend it highly. My chapter on nostalgia, and the language of nostalgia is easily my favorite. Please pick it up this year, and read it.

4. Place- Berlin, Germany
I was not expecting to particularly gain any feelings toward going to Germany, because it was a necessary to going to see my best friend who is currently stationed there, but my life was CHANGED. It was rainy, it was cold, and we only had 24 hours there, but for some reason it stuck with me. I met some very kind people, ate some very delicious food, stood in the rain crying at the Berlin Wall and Museum (and thought about the people who in our country would welcome this type of brutality in the name of ‘Murica), and became soaked to bone. I saw the most beautiful preschool, surprised my husband by going to the Natural History Museum (for 5 euro, too!) realized how exhausted I was and sat eating chocolate creme biscuits, and watching netflix in a stranger’s apartment– and realized how truly lucky I am (and how broke we would be coming back; man traveling is expensive), and how I would instantly go back to this city in a heartbeat. Amsterdam was a close second to this, but I think Berlin wins.

5. Song- “Make You Better”- The Decemberists
This year, not to be cliche, has been a year of growth for me.  I lost my grandmother, I (hopefully) helped Kyle become a stronger version of himself, I helped myself become a stronger and healthier version (with the help of Kyle, and my MRD league mates), this song has been my anthem, that and Lady Lamb’s Hair to the Ferris Wheel. Plus I finally got to see them live, and it was life-changing.

6. TV Show-

Parks and Recreation. Leslie Knope will always be my political, and non-political spirit animal, and I will always remind myself to be the Leslie Knope of whatever I do.

7. Film-

Miss Todd, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch: For completely different reasons, but I cannot chose between them for this very reason. Both are worth the watch.

8. Gift-
The gift of existence, the ability to learn daily, the gift of friendship, and most importantly life. I live for the experiences I receive, good and bad. I live for the ability to live. That is my favorite gift. I live for the existence of those around me, who are near and dear to me.

9. Trip-

Europe, hands down. I met amazing people, felt amazing things,  learned other world views, and realized how lucky I am for it all. (I also had really good food, and drink). I took away super important ideas, and life style changes that I had never really considered, as well as view points that I may have never really given “light to” until after going there. It sounds so entitled, but really it did change me in ways I cannot fully explain yet. Europe made me stronger mentally, I guess is what I’m saying.

10. Person I-

Sparrowhawk, Darlene,Chem, Zelda, T-Wrecks, Tingdahl, and Spry-
Spry: You taught me during DL, and then were very patient with me during FM training, you are always honest, kind, and willing to help with whatever. You are wonderful, and I could write a novel– but please know you have influenced me in ways that aren’t easily described via a post.
Hawk: You taught me #sorrynotsorry and there is no sorry in roller derby. You have given me the boost I need confidence wise, and I am ever grateful to be on the same team as you!
Zelda: JUST YOU. I love your non-hugging self,  your talent, and your patience with my skill sets. We are lucky to have the training committee that we do!
Chem: You believed in me during tryouts, and always have a way to help me. You are amazing, and again words alone are not enough. Just know that I love you, and I love your willingness, and that you put in a favorable word for me– and that you are you. <3. SO MANY FEELS!
Tingdahl: You are amazing, always. ❤
T-Wrecks: Boo, you know I love you. Thanks for being yourself, and for all the company via derby, and non-derby related.
Darlene: You taught me we can still pick up with thousands of miles between us. You are my rock, and will always be– and I cannot thank you enough for our years of friendship! May they never end.

11. Person II-

MY Maine Roller Derby Family! I love you all! Your patience, wisdom,. life goals, love, partiness, and in general caring of each other is WONDERFUL. I love my community of family, and I couldn’t be prouder to call you guys my second home. THANK YOU for all that you do. Always, and forever. I don’t have enough words for everything, but from the little advice of skills, to being there as a lending ear around the time of my grandmother’s death– it’s been amazing, and I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds!

12. Self Care-
This year, I learned to take care of myself. I joined Derby Lite, started coaching and working out with 21 Day Fix Extreme. I continued doing yoga, joined Maine Roller Derby, and ran a 10K, and Half Marathon, as well as SUP Yoga. I started seeing my doctor, OBGYN, chiropractor and massage therapist more frequently. As well as a regular therapist (to work around some deep-seated childhood issues)– and successfully graduated out of seeing my therapist. I joined the Goddess Leadership Program, and Emerge Maine! 2015 was my year– and 2016 will continue being so too.

13. Activity- Roller Derby, this is a no-brainer. When they say “roller derby saves lives” they mean it. I am a stronger, smarter, and more athletic woman because of it. I have more confidence, and more importantly stamina. I have an amazing family, and an amazing new sport to play. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

14. Idea- That I could be me. Fully and wholly, and that I could be confident being myself.

15. Goals for 2016-

  • Learn to play banjo
  • Continue my roller derby skills!
  • Continue my self-care skills (eating healthy, working out, seeing the doctor when I need to, chiropractor, massage appointments)
  • Being happy and not overwhelmed! I’ve made huge progress.
  • Continuing on the path of being confident, and wholly me.
  • Adventure!




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