Growing. Stepping. Self Love.

July 2nd, 2014.

A crazy week can leave you forgetting to remember that all-time high to keeping yourself  healthy: self-love. Until last year, I had never really given into the idea, that you should pamper and keep your health (mental and physical) up and fresh. I had always been the “giver”, always.  Even throughout college- now I know better.

I am also learning to not apologize so much (sorry, not sorry). Especially when I’m not sorry– I guess it’s a midwest thing, and a non-ideal childhood that are leading factors to this weird issue. I shouldn’t ever have to apologize (especially if I don’t want to– or shouldn’t have to).  I am grateful for those friends in my life who are teaching me to let go of this strange habit. It’s been pertinent as of late because I’m working on becoming healthier (mentally and physically) and not merely as a “reaction” to stress.

I’m learning to not judge my body so harshly. I’m all for healthy– but  occasionally, I will let “standards” get in the way. I’m learning to take what I have, and live more simply.

I’m learning to be happy in the now, and to take life a little more slowly than I normally do. I’m teaching myself patience.
I’m learning that the best way to be healthy is to love myself, be patient, keep trying, and to live and let live daily. Being happy with who I am as a whole.

Just the basics.

How am I doing that? Working out, yoga, swimming, keeping a positive mind continually, and learning to say no occasionally. To live simply and fully.

There have been a lot of posts this year about loving myself, self-growth. However, that’s where I am right now. That’s okay. I’m happy, positive, and I’m becoming a smarter, and a happier person daily because of it. (I know, I just repeated myself).


(This will always be my favorite quote from Doctor Who)










… and this.




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