These words, they exist in time, and in present. No word or person has the power (over you or otherwise) unless you let them. This has  been an interesting lesson, as I continue to grow. No one can make or break your happiness without your consent. I wish I had realized this a lot sooner (but live and learn, I guess?!) As I learn new lessons little parts of me grow like flowers, expand like trees, and soar like birds in the sky. Each day I pluck happiness from the sky, and say today is the day. Or at least I try to; life lessons learned and lived. Your truth is not necessarily my truth; I can only ask for compromise, understanding, and your undivided attention: each individual gives us truths, lies, wisdom, and education to grow and take something out of each. Realize something out of each personality, and life choice. We learn from mistakes, from pain, from happiness, from truth from lies. We must give each other space to grow, to hurt, to live, to try, to forgive, to be forgiven, to forget, to dream, to plan, to hope, and to be one with each other. Only then can we start seeing people for what they are/can be. Namaste.IMAG0690


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