Everyone has their own personal journey, their ability to grow, and live.  Everyone’s story is different. Everyone  has gone/is going through some personal growth right now. I’ve heard that you should leave it to yourself– because honestly everyone is going through something right now. Your story is not different; it’s the idea that you don’t have anything note-worthy to really send home about.  I’ve read many articles regarding this mentality: from career advice, to personal advice. Websites such as Huff post are notorious for posting self-editorial advice to twenty-somethings regarding this mentality. I know that I’m not “special” that there are many more people in this wicked (meaning: a New England phrase meaning good or awesome) wild world.

However, I feel that you need to release, in order to be WHOLE again. To be healthy. I’ve come a long way since my last post. I’ve made a plan, and I’m going to stick to it. I’ve decided to forgive– and move on.

I’ve also decided that I will handle this New England winter with grace and dignity. I love New England, I’ve just run into the issue that when four o’clock comes and it’s pitch black outside– it’s a little hard to maintain a sunny personality. I love Spring, Summer, and Fall here–  I’ve decided yoga will probably be the healthiest option; and that I’m okay with. I have a plan, and I plan to be healthy, happy, and whole again.

I’m a twenty-something, and I am no different then the rest of my generation, but at least this is my story. This is my plan; my musings, because it’s healthy to vent. To be stress-free, to figure out how to live this wild life, to fully love, and to figure out how to make the most of what I’ve been given (a chance to be happy, help the world, and grow!).



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