Since I have moved to Maine.

I’ve noticed some of my posts have been ultra-serious/ a little “downer-esque” so I present you with some self-love. I have told my few readers of my love for lists over and over, and today is no exception.  I’ve over the last few months noticed some major (positive) differences about myself, and all that I have learned, gained from living in Maine (and living in general).

1. I have lost a total of five pant sizes, two shirt sizes, and one swimsuit size since moving to Maine. You should see a picture of me from when we went to Key West- to now. The difference is HUGE especially in my face. I don’t know what I weigh, but I don’t care. I’m healthy!

2. I attribute this to a change in career, happiness, and reduced stress-levels. While the former was super rewarding, it was not healthy for me. I love my new job–and that definitely helps.

3. I guess there is a positive in my marriage turning craptacular for a bit. I was able to do some major self-assessment, and figure out what I needed to be happy– and then I was able to reassess our marriage, and what makes it healthy, happy, and amazing. Something that hadn’t really been discussed (unfortunately) before issues arrived.

4. Because of previous said issues, I have now found an absolute love for Yoga (and for keeping my body super healthy in general), and Hot Yoga in particular (why must it be expensive?!!) I swear regular Yoga has nothing on Hot  Yoga. Yoga makes me feel so centered, and super healthy.

5. My ability to eat locally and organically, has exponentially increased since moving to Maine.

6. I am involved in a wonderful organization (Maine League of Young Voters) my friend, and networking circle has increased exponentially, as well as my love for politics– locally and nationally.

7. Since rooting in Maine, I have made some wonderful (and close) friendships that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I love the people in my life, they center and make me happy!

8. To further comment on number seven, I also have a ten-year plan that I want to put into effect. For starters, I want to get my passport, travel to Canada and Europe, start Grad School (for Special Education), and I truly know that I want to spend my life adventure with Kyle by my side. Hurray for a supportive best friend, who is also your husband!

9. Since moving to Maine my outdoor travels have increased 100%. I know that I love climbing mountains. I’m looking forward to our hike on Sunday!

10. Also since moving to Maine, I’m rethinking what I once told Kyle– and that was that I never wanted to live by the ocean. I’m kicking myself for EVER saying that. I REALLY love the ocean, and if I had to move away from the ocean, I think I would be super sad.  In general, moving to Maine has been a super amazing, and healthy life choice.

The quality of living here is so fantastic– compared to the Midwest at least.

Anyways the point is, is that I’m really very happy with my life and relationships, and that life isn’t perfect– but once you work through the issues at hand, and you see how beautiful life really is, and how lucky you are; well it puts a lot of things into perspective.




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