Sometimes all you need is a new perspective on life, right?

This past year has been a whirlwind of stress, and getting used to “things.” I guess that’s what momentary unemployment and the first year of marriage can do to you if you’re not careful.  I DO want to point out however, that there have been a lot of good that has happened this past year: moving onto my current job at Heidi’s House, hiking a bit of the Appalachian trail (AT), and all around exploring parts of Maine I have not yet been to. (It’s really not hard, this state is HUGE!).  I mean this past year has definitely (not defiantly) over-weighed the bad.  (Which is good…right?) So while the past year is definitely there to be as my launching post for new learning, and growing– I don’t want to discredit it.

However, it is the new year; and like all new years, people make GOALS. Remember my love for lists? That’s right I am going to make a list.

So here they are as follows:


1. I will bike more this spring, summer, and fall. Which means I need to actually go get my brakes replaced on my bike.

2. I will continue to explore new places… as if that’s hard.

4. I will continue eating healthy, local, and organic (I really have enjoyed losing as much weight as I have, I am comfortably a 32×32 in skinny jeans now (size 10-12 in Juniors).

5. I will continue being super active. Which means I want to go back to Grafton Notch this summer and climb Table Rock Mountain/ Maybe try Old Speck again.


1. I will craft/DIY/knit more.

2.  I will read infinitely more.

3. I will stop worrying less about the little stuff, and try to make the best out of what is presented to me. Even if that means me having to make mistakes and changing my life to make me a happier person.

4. I will continue to be active in my community

5.  I will learn to can, and actually can; instead of just saying I will.

6.  I will take a class.

7. I will make a conscious effort  to blog more.

Life Goals

1.  Hopefully be a homeowner of some sort by the end of the year? It would be a nice goal to aim for.

2.  Be active in saving money, and once again have a substantial amount in the bank (that if used, has a leftover cushion)

3. Save for a big trip (like Europe!).

4.  Be happier and try to see the beauty in everything

Ah alright, anyways that’s all I can think of…



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