Top ‘fives’ of 2012!

I love lists, I’ve said this many times before on my blog, but lists ARE AMAZING.  So without further ado I bring you, yet another lists.  This will be determined by categories and what not- but hopefully you find it informative.

My top ‘fave five’ DIY projects that I have pinned via Pinterest:

1. Leafy Spring Prints

Leafy Spring Prints

2. Fox Scarf

3.  Easter Egg Garland

4.Print Pillows

5. T-shirt Dishcloths


Top five places that have made an impact on me this year:

1. MOFGA Common Ground Fair (Unity, Maine)

2.Grafton Notch State Park (Newry, Maine)

3. Stockbridge, Massachusetts

4. Fun Spot (Laconia, NH)

5. Portland, Maine


Top five places to go in Portland:

1. Eastern Prom Beach

2. Western Prom (for the sunset)

3. Downtown, Portland

4. Fore River Preserve

5. Portland Museum of Art


Top five FAVORITE places to eat:

1. Days Seafood off of US 1 in Yarmouth

2. The Great Lost Bear

3. Silly’s

4. Saigon

5. Po Boys and Pickles


Five Favorite Places to shop:

1. Little Ghost Thrift Shop

2. Flea-for-All

3. 604 Thrift

4. Merchant & Company


Top five of things I have accomplished this year:

1. Lost SIX pants sizes, and three dress sizes

2.  Helped create the voter guide, and then heard positive feedback on it!

3.  Joined the Maine League of Young Voters (they’re interchangeable on the list)

4.  Made friends! (Yes, I have people to hang out with)

5. Climbed a mountain, literally.

… and that about sums it up, Merry Christmas everyone!

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