Recently I went on vacation– as of this past week. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on “vacation”. I could count the two times that I came up here to visit with Kyle, Bri, and Colin. Those were vacation– but those weren’t a “family” vacation. Which sounds super weird to say; but I have a family now. That family consists of my husband and spoiled marshmallow fluffs. They are my immediate family– super weird I know.

Anyways, digressing…

I went on a family vacation to Key West (my father-in-law, and step-mother-in-law live down there now) on the other end of US 1! So we spent a good chunk of time hanging out with them (Yay), eating, and something that I want to do again soon–sailing. Granted I can only release things, and put away stuff on a boat, but it was super fun. Down in Key West they have a community sailing organization. So anyone can sign up, pay, take lessons, and get tested out on boats to use. Which is what they were doing; because of them we were able to take the Hobie (a weird flat looking sail boat) and the O’Day, which was pretty awesome (it’s just a small sail boat; but super cute)– and we got to go sailing; and snorkeling. Granted if we were going through a company; that stuff would get pretty expensive starting with day one. I believe we went almost every day. I got to see a nurse shark, three octopuses, a ton of fish, some lobstahs, coral, and a handful of other awesome sea-life. Granted snorkeling kind of freaks me out, but it is super fun! I have very patient in-laws and a very patient husband, thank you!  The water is also super warm in the Keys; which was amazing; and I was spoiled by it. I also was able to soak up a large amount of Vitamin D (that resulted in a burn, and a fantastic tan). This will help me with this upcoming winter…

I got to eat so much yummy fish, oysters, and other tasty concoctions (Kyle’s dad makes amazing tacos).  We were able to go to a “charitable” dinner (in which it was encouraged to donate; so that repairs and upgrades could be made) for one of the prettiest sailboats I have ever seen. It’s called the Hindu, and oftentimes makes trips up to Maine! However, what made this fish “fry” awesome, that while coleslaw was included I got to momentarily tour the boat, and watch a bit of a movie on a large sail. Plus the lettering of the boat’s name is just GORGEOUS. If I ever get the tattoo that I want, I would consider mocking up that lettering for my tattoo.

One of the prettiest boats ever…

We spent the entire trip biking. Day two started with us on a tandem bike; that only worked well when we weren’t braking or stopping– so Ron (my father-in-law) rented me a bike for the week. He’s super sweet… I got some amazing food this week; including some yummy espresso made by Karen.  We spent the week biking around the Key, and going to different places, some of these places included; the aquarium,

Pretty Sea turtle, these are my favorite type. This one got it’s flipper caught by a boat.

and Hemingway’s  house. Supposedly Hemingway was known for the rampart amount of six-toed cats on his property.

Cat Prints.

The  cat cemetery…

Or the cats on premises who totally thought that ropes across a chair meant that they were above it–(Which they were, they had free-reign).

a nap …

When we arrived they asked if we wanted to go on a guided tour; of course it was sweltering, and the idea of being stuck in small spaces with a large amount of people didn’t sound  fun.

Hemingway’s House

We also went to Fort Zachary Taylor to go to the beach, and snorkeling; and of course climb over the fort.


We also did some other sight seeing.

This is the southernmost point… there was a line to stand in front of it. 

and around the corner was this…

Southermost Southernmost House– outdoing yourself eh?

and this…

Southernmost Beach, kind of gross…but what a view!

All in all it was a great week, filled with good company, food, and very enjoyable weather.  We got to spend it looking at all of the roaming chickens and roosters (because in Key West they are protected), sailing, snorkeling, biking, eating, and of course the gorgeous sunsets.

This was the view from the condo…


Ciao, what a great week!










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