Goals, September Edition

Goals: September Edition.

Earlier this summer I created some goals (I went through them, and I ended up completing all but five of my goals) which is great! Considering I continually keep learning, and honing in on my skills. So as fall, continues to fall– I wanted to update my goals, and take a chance to reflect on this life that I have. I’m super lucky, and super blessed to the have the opportunities that I have in life.
So without further ado…

  • Continue always learning (and possibly take a course over something)
  • Learn a new skill regarding knitting, and or weaving.
  • Take a fundraising course (which I have a free e-course, that Kyle sent me).
  • Go apple picking, and make apple chips (that is my fall goal)
  • Start knitting, and spinning again (possibly pull out the project I’ve been working on, and start something new).
  • Get my passport.
  • Do more DIY projects. (SERIOUSLY, I have a ton on my Pinterest board that I want to do).
  • Buy a sewing machine; I have projects to do, and I would like to fix a few shirts (and no, my hand-sewing skills stink).

I also thought I would make this a “top ten” favorites once more.  [Early Fall Edition]

1. Grafton Notch State Park

2. Fall in Maine (and this lovely cold weather)

3. Open Winery day (even though we only went to Maine Mead Works, it was still awesome– and we are now in possession of two more stemless wine glasses).

4. Coffee Season, and Ghanian Hot Chocolate from the Speckled Ax

5. It will finally be cool enough in the apartment to start baking again.

6.  Changing leaves and festivities

7.  The ability to go apple picking soon; and relatively close.

8.  The farmer’s market early fall supply. (i.e.; squash, pumpkins, peppers)

9.  Colder days mean cuddles, and hoodie weather

10. We get to see Denise in two weeks, and we’re going to Key West in three; because we deserve a vacation.





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