Someone could Meditate off of this View.

Well now,

It has been awhile… I think when I last posted, I had visitors. Which I have had all summer (gratefully) some of these  visitors have been amazing, and some, while it started off being so- veered elsewhere with other intentions.  That’s what happens, lately I have been doing some extraordinary things– and have extraordinary news!
Recently I found out that for the fall, I will be co-teaching with an amazing lady at Heidi’s House. I was super excited when I found that out; and I know it seems ridiculous that I’m so excited, but teaching and education is a HUGE passion of mine. I have plans to pay off my undergrad and get my dual teaching license in Elementary and Special Education, and maybe my ECE certification while I am at it. However, that is super expensive. So one idea at a time. First pay off undergrad, then work on my Masters. I dream, and that’s a good thing. (So back to being excited!! WOO! YAY!) However, I digress and should probably move on.

Lately I’ve been doing some crazy stuff; one trip involved two things that I had wanted to accomplish 1.) climb a mountain of some sort and 2.) walk on at least part of the Appalachian Trail (AT for short). Kyle recently scoffed that I was happy  only being on a fraction of the AT trail. Eventually I would love to take a month or two of my life and hike a portion of it (say Tennessee area to Maine, vice-versa). For now I am happy that I was even on it– granted that leads me into my next comment: I climbed a mountain, what did you do with your lives recently? Seriously I climbed 3,000 feet up. For true hikers that’s willy-nilly (but for me, it is EPIC!). We were a good two-hour hike still to the top of Old Speck (but I decided to heed my body and actually hike back down the three-and a half hours. ) Needless to say I have been happy, and out of it all week!


This is just one of the many views I got to see:

Jealous of the view?

… and these markers are wicked awesome.

The AT marker!

It was such an exhausting, but exhilarating day.  Plus the part of Maine where Grafton Notch State Park is, is just breath-taking. We made it 3,000 feet up (we still had two hours of the hike to the top, but whatever). I got to see waterfalls, and I got to fall, trip, and bang myself up– but it was totally worth it.
This weekend, is labor day weekend (which means three-day weekend). Yesterday we drove up to Poland to see the original Poland Spring (i.e., where Poland Spring Water was originally bottled). SO MUCH decadence in the 1800’s. It was the insane belief that spring and mineral water were good for the soul (so much that there was a resort created in Poland, around that idea). It was really neat, but I had to just shake my head at the absurdity of it all. We also went to the Maine Wildlife Reserve (because the closest zoo is in Boston). in Gray and saw animals that had been rescued to recoup. Which means I got to see moose, a brown and cinnamon bear, a variety of owls, a porcupine that was alive (the last time I had saw a porcupine; it was dead in a field), and peacocks, because someone was dumb enough to try to keep them as their pets. REALLY?!  Leave them to their natural habitats. Granted, those birds are BEAUTIFUL; but really!?!

So today our grand plan was to bike to Mackworth Island and then spend some time there, but it’s raining because of a certain tropical storm. So for now our plan  is to eat doughnuts from Tony’s and to spend the day together indoors.  Hopefully tomorrow?


Someone could meditate off of this view.




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