Wedding, Travel, Candy, Job, Life… Eh?

Life has been an absolute whirl-wind these last few weeks. From figuring out how to effectively make it to Election Committee meetings, to switching jobs, and re-teaching my body to be alive during the day hours; it’s just been slightly crazy. I guess I want to update everyone on life from my last post.


  • I got the job I interviewed for two weeks ago, and I have to say I’m almost done with my first week– and I love it! If you’re curious I now work for Heidi’s House Childcare Center in Scarborough. I love the kids, parents, teachers and administration. It’s so nice to be in a classroom again. Also to have a job, that allows you to have a lunch break.
  • I have a normal work schedule (my body is reteaching itself to live effectively during the day hours).
  • We are owners of a 2012 Honda Fit, I absolutely love this car…
  • I’m also running into issues of rescheduling my life. This means that I need to figure out EC meetings, and hopefully enroll in Derby Lite soon!
  • I had lobster for the first time (like a WHOLE lobster, I finally had a lobster roll in May, but still. IT WAS DELICIOUS!)

    Maine Lobster, mmm.

    That’s my biggest news, but life is super exciting. Recently I found a great e-course on sewing for beginners.   My goal is to invest in a sewing machine, so that I can hone in on my sewing skills– and for utility!

    Oh! Right!

    Recently two of my very good friends got  married, it was such a beautiful wedding, simple but very elegant. I was blessed to be part of that process– I did a reading, and played messenger. The wedding was in the beautiful town of Stockbridge, MA.  Western Massachusetts is a beautiful area. It just so happened that where my friends got married was the same area as the Alice’s Restaurant Massacree. Now, I have to tell you I was in folk-hippie heaven. The evening of the wedding I hung out with Eli, and Adam … it was refreshing, fun and much needed.

    It was a great mini-vacation! I loved it, and I loved spending time with friends, and running into others and hanging out! We explored, and saw new places, we also stopped at a lovely Brew Pub with local beer (the only beer that is powered with solar energy in the US). As well as during our stay in Great Barrington we stumbled upon the coolest candy shop called Robin’s Candy. It had the BEST collection of licorice I have seen in a long time. All and all it was a great vacation.


    Now my next batch of photos are from the Guthrie Center– if anyone’s familiar with the movie and story of Alice’s Restaurant Masacree then  they will recognize these next photos.

    The Guthrie Center, formerly the Old Trinity Church, oh goodness!

    At this point in the game, I was super excited about everything.

    We were going to eat here, but it was closed.

    We found out that the Stockbridge Cafe was formerly Alice’s Restaurant. We were going to eat here, but by the time we got there for breakfast it was either closed, or going to open for lunch– and really we didn’t have time to wait. Our next destination was Fun Spot in New Hampshire (Laconia, New Hampshire).  Home to the American Arcade Museum, it featured A TON of arcade games including the original Pong arcade game. We spent a good 2-3 hours there and then headed back to Portland. At that point I was ready to go sleep in my own bed. Having to stop twice for overheating kind of pulled it out of me– plus the excitement of life.

    Anyways. It was an exciting rambling trip of epic proportions, and I’m glad I had it– onto the next!


    A huge gummy candy worm.


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