It’s not about the Ending…

Life has been super interesting as of lately.

  • I’m trying to figure out what the next best move for my career is; and how to physically achieve that.  I’m in the midst of a interview for a job (the practical version is Friday– I’ll let you know how it turns out).
  • I just spent a week  with my other mother, existing.
  • Two of my good friends (Taylor and Michael) are getting married this weekend, and we are heading down to Western Massachusetts for it. I’m still honored that they let me take their engagement photos.
  • I miss some of my very good friends– and I have so many adventures that I want to take with all of them.

Aren’t they beautiful?

However, I recently took some adventures in which were a total blast! This includes taking a ferry out to Long Island, ME (a town established in 1720, and incorporated in 1993). Shark Cove (one of the coves) has sand that SQUEAKS under your feet. I’m currently working on a possible day-trip out there. The water is warm, and it’s beautiful, besides I found this MASSIVE shell which I promptly pocketed and is now on the windowsill above our bed.

Buoy tree.

I love buildings like these, I just want to make up stories for them…

The side of Great Diamond (a “gated community”).

The window in the Cabot Cheese Shop, Old Port.

Of course my other mother came– so we took a trip to Fort Williams State Park (Where Portland Headlight is). It is the oldest, still standing lighthouse in the Continental US. Commissioned by President George Washington, in 17 something…

Portland Headlight, Diane’s new house!

I think you’ve noticed by now that I really love the Instagram app.This isn’t the only app that I use! In addition I use: Retro Camera, Pixlromatic, Vintage Cam, and Osmo Leaker. I know these applications are technically “cheating”, but they’re simple and I definitely love them (plus I love the processing and colors of older photos)– one day I actually want to learn how to process Daguerreotype photos. I know it’s technically waste (because this includes processing on glass) but I once saw a documentary on a photographer (in my summer art history class at IUPUC) who does this method professionally. I was so intrigued, and one day I would love to learn how to do them as well.

Anyways, now that I have successfully nerded out via my wishlist in photography learning, I move on.

Currently I am skirting on chores, and hoping today goes well (while I nom on dried mango). I am on my laptop for once, so I pulled up spotify, and I’m listening to the new Brandi Carlile (Bear Creek) album, definitely dig it. I love the song “Keep your Heart Young”–

“don’t trade in your tick-tack box for a ball on the end of a chain…”

“You can’t take back what you have done, you have to keep your heart young”.

“Your love is a loaded gun, you have to keep your heart young”…

This song just … speaks to me. I’m realizing that my life isn’t made for the mundane, and I need to move on and reflect that. I need to get my priorities straight. Yes, reflective and angsty- I get it.

Anywho. I’m linking a recipe that I found via A Beautiful Mess, that she linked from Pioneer Woman.

Have a lovely day.

Patent Pending.


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