Important, general points about politics, worth making.


I know plenty of people are going to disagree with the following statements I make… that’s totally okay. I’m even leaving the comment section of this post open for discussion. (You should be proud of me folks!)

This is a general thought process that I have been having lately regarding religion and politics. One thing you should know about me by now, is that I thoroughly love lists, and bullet points. SO MANY POINTS TO MAKE, so this is how it will be organized.

  • My general view on RELIGION AND POLITICS being in the same ARENA, is that they shouldn’t be in the first place. Yes I understand that this country was founded on people coming over because of wanting their religious freedoms; so in a way the country was founded on a “religious” setting. However, that being this is why these two points should never ever be put together to make a decision. You can bicker all you want, religion and politics should not mix. These are freedoms, and everyone has an opinion to each. Like I said earlier, people won’t agree; and that’s fine… but there should be some kind of happy medium in which these two topics don’t meet.
  • Women’s right should not be compromised politically because of religious values. See above power point for a general overview. Just because I am not of the Catholic faith does not mean I should adhere to the traditions set forth by that religion. Or any other religion in which women are subjected because of Old Testament standards. (Birth control, reproductive testing at an affordable cost, and general health insurance rights).
  • Just because a certain political party is afraid of how women, minorities, and younger voters in general will vote does not mean that they should make it hard for these populations to vote. EVERYONE has the right to their say in how this country is governed.
  • Social issues are very important in elections (along with economy, healthcare, earth care, etc.), but there should be no bickering between sides. Get the issues in front of you voted on, and stop stalling (i.e; because of religious interests). It’s lame, and it makes you look incompetent.
  • Stop with the Communist and Socialist bullshit, it’s annoying and not the point. (Excuse my language, but really!?!). It’s also petty, grow up.
  • Lastly, if you don’t like something; instead of complaining about it, go out and vote. It ACTUALLY does something.

Love, peace, peaches, and all that jazz.



One thought on “Important, general points about politics, worth making.

  1. “The job of congress is to look at all sides of things because even if the discrepancies are not important to you, they are tremendously important to someone else and they, too, are represented by congress.” Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with this statement, it is the government’s responsibility to represent their people.

    As to your second point, to take for example the issue with reproductive “rights”; It is okay for a hiring religious organization to deny those insurance benefits, but it should be clearly stated, and in writing to all those who apply or currently work there. However, I would not expect a hospital to deny the patient their rights to reproductive health via their insurance; if it is allowed by their employer, just because the hospital or practicing practitioner is of a faith that does not allow it. (This is a tricky idea, as it obviously is another thin line). However, I feel that all women should have the choice to their body– and that should not be governed by religion or the government, unless they personally choose that is okay. THAT is the point I am making.
    However that being said, no government is perfect, nor is the leader or administration governing it. I will say, I voted for Obama, but there are parts of his current run, and administration that I can question, and actively say I do or do not like what is going on. I’m not fighting that– at all.
    As far as the Socialist and Communist cries that people are making– there is no way in this day and age that our government is a set political ideology, even democracy has it’s issues, and while you cannot ignore the politics and ideologies set forth within history (especially since, so much pain and blood has been shed), there is no way that one can ignore; you have to respect history to grow from the mistakes– however, it feels like people use these two ideologies as a crutch to blame whatever side they don’t like. (That is the only issue I have with it).

    I actually had to read the communist manifesto for a class, and it makes some great points (on paper) however, it never worked. Although it made for some reason a great manifesto for use in the theater! ๐Ÿ˜€

    The ultimate point is, is that it is okay to respect the freedoms, but it is also important to take all of this, and represent FAIRLY, which lately–especially with political season happening, it seems that it becomes YOU SUCK BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT CONSERVATIVE ENOUGH, and YOU SUCK BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO OPEN-MINDED; there needs to be a happy medium where each group works together so yes, that all views are represented. However, I do not think that politics and religion should mix, respected yes, but not bent down to to generalize the entire population of people, regardless.

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