‘Homesick for Aspects’

It’s one of those rambling days, where I realize a part of me is “homesick”; but it’s not homesick for one specific area– it’s for different aspects really.  I miss my hometown for my good friends, and for the summer days, and for the grocery I used to work for; and those people in my life. I’m homesick for Terre Haute because of friends, good music, and the few bars I used to frequent in college.

On the other hand, I’m glad to be elsewhere, to be on a journey; it’s a two-fold problem really. I remember wanting to be gone, to be over it all– but really I’m not. The more that I look at it, the more I realize that I’m drifting. (That really does sound melodramatic, sorry). I have my best friend with me (my husband), I have great friends via the Berry’s, Ashley and Evah,  and I have an eventual coffee date with one of the girls  I work with (and the rest don’t seem to mind talking to me), I’m grateful for the connections I’m slowly making. As well as my hopeful connections with the League.

Maybe it’s the fact that staying in one place long enough causes you to make a HUGE slew of friends.  Also maybe it’s the fact that I’m playing this game of “real-life” and not academia (I miss academia, funny I know).  It’s a problem I know that I will bridge; and there is talk of a few of our friends coming up this summer — so it’s not like I’m completely lost without people. Honestly, I am truly grateful I moved out of Indiana, more adventure, more culture, etc. Not so many cornfields that I have to try to see around in the summer, haha.

I live near the north Atlantic, and the nature up here is just breathtaking, and the fact that I can legitimately walk to a restaurant, bar, museum, library, etc– it is super amazing. So in short, I’m rambling…I am truly a lucky gal, and I shouldn’t ever complain about the blessings given to me.

However, I do miss people; it’s a problem I’ll get over though.





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