15 “things” I want to do before August 2012

15 “things” I want to accomplish before August.

1. Lose fifteen pounds- it’s actually me losing weight to be healthy. Before graduation I weighed 160, not terrible, but not healthy. Now I weigh a good ten pounds more. I think it’s time to take control and get myself back to a healthy weight.

2. Buy this dress for Taylor and Michael’s wedding in July.

3. Get a gym membership (or join a roller derby team), this will definitely help with number one.

4. Make more friends here in Portland/Find a niche


5. Do something worthwhile; i.e. join a cause in Portland/and or better myself somehow through organization and classes.(for example: leadership training or something else)

6.  Expand myself through my new job, and move on up.

7.  Do something inspiring; just because.


8. Learn to better myself at hobbies I already do.

9.  Garage sale old clothing, and update my wardrobe a bit.


10. See new places, and do new things (quite ambiguous, I know).

11. Finish reading Bone, and either start on Game of Thrones or Hunger Games

12.  Maybe take some community classes and learn new skills.

13.  Finish my musical… finally

14.  Work on getting my end of Root Cellar Collective up and running here in Portland!

15. Essentially find my groove…



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