Do It Yourself, Self Inspiration

My top ten favorite Do It Yourself projects that I have found (mainly through Pinterest, and A Beautiful Mess (

I have to start out by saying that I have been a collecting fiend, mainly in the DIY department. My Pinterest DIY board clearly rivals that of my food board.However, not all of my favorite DIY projects have been found via Pinterest. My other favorite blog is A Beautiful Mess; I happened to “stumble upon” it one day; and have been in love since.

I consequently found my wedding  shoes through the Red Velvet Shop (owned by Elsie Larson, and her sister (and an array of other beautiful girls); i.e A Beautiful Mess). These blogs/boards inspire me– and these are projects I hope to spearhead, and or alter to fit my personality.

1.) Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Lovely, one day.

I would love to make these and put them in our kitchen, they would make a lovely focal point that is also useful to write notes on! The instructions for this DIY awesome-ness is found here:


2.)  Also from A Beautiful Mess, is this hand-stamped dress. I would alter this a bit, and get a nice flow-y sleeveless top to do this on; but it’s still spectacular.

I love this, simply perfect

You can find the how to here at:


3.)Felted Wool Sweater Blanket Tutorial

Mmm Comfy...

I found this one day on Pinterest, and it is my sincerest hope that one day I own a sewing machine so I can make this. (Yes, I realize there are too many blankets in our apartment, but … I love blankets!

You can find the directions for this beauty here:


4.) Pendant Dollies


Enough said, you can find this gorgeous project at:


5.)Recycled Cable Spool as a Bookshelf


Information on this:

I would love one of these in our apartment!


6.)D.I.Y Industrial Record Cabinet

I've always wanted to do this.

Again, this comes from A Beautiful Mess! I found this project first, and am bound and determined to do it at some point.  It’s such a gorgeous, hip idea.


7.) DIY Chalkboard Serving Platter

Such a great idea

One day I want to have room for parties… and this will be on my list of lovely DIY ideas. Kyle and I eat a lot of cheese– it’s a wonderful thing really. The chalkboard paint is a brilliant source to make everything handy!

You can find the directions on this, here:


8.) Decal Transfers

So clean looking

These are simple enough, but they make everything in your kitchen/space look crisper– so at some point I might do this to our canisters, or other various holding devices.

This is where you can find the directions to this:


9.)  Wire Orb Lighting


I’m a sucker for hanging lights, and this is awesome.

You can find this tutorial here:


10.) Magnetic Spice Storage

It keeps them up!

I love this idea, a space saver, plus hanging spices! How Cool!?

You can find the how-to here:


11.) BONUS! Sweater Mittens

So Cozy

I just really wanted to add this because I love them… so very much. They’re also super easy to do.

You can find the tutorial here:


These were fun to dig around, and come up with my favorite DIY tutorials. Sometimes it’s nice to do lists, and come up with ideas, and this really helped. I’ve provided links for the DIY tutorials, and I urge you to visit each link and explore.



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