Out with the old, and in with the new, I will echo to you.  It’s finally almost March– a wonderful month– soon spring will be upon us, and flowers will start to peep their heads out of the ground (okay, that’s cheesy, I know). Today was one of the first days in a while where I have felt myself, it’s a nice welcome party to see me come back.  Winter will do that, and today I put back together my metaphorical vase and looked at the bright side (and got my eyebrows waxed).  It was a splendorous moment in the land of Kaiulani’s brain. Admittedly I will “girl-up” when it comes to my face, and hair– and today was no exception.

It was a definite ego-boost.

The coming months are going to be exciting, and I’m super excited to share them with you. Farmer’s markets, hopefully camping trips, adventures to beaches, finding cute little stores and restaurants, and of course learning new things. I recently just cleaned up some our winter gear and hid them away. I’m hoping that spring will take the hint and come here soon– the days are already becoming longer, and that’s a beautiful idea. On top of that, I need to eventually update my wardrobe. A lot of it has been with me since middle school, time to grow up I guess– and to find some new items.

It’s just a year for change and figuring out what needs to be changed, what needs to grow, and how I can expand my life to be as fulfilling as possible. Moving out of Indiana, has definitely helped this to become a reality– I’m done with the needless  drama that was thrown my way last year, and I’m ready to do something else with my life. Maybe take some classes, see some shows, and make friends– while keeping those closest, close (yeesh, I’m sappy).

However whatever I may speculate, I know it’s a mystery.

Now onto something exciting!


Every once in awhile, I go through phases where I see stuff that I would love to update my life with… call me materialistic (I am).

1.) The original Macbook laptop… (I’ve seen some really great deals on refurbished Macbooks).  They’re so stylish and … small. At this point I would empty my old laptop and donate it/sell it to someone in need.

2.) A few new tops, shorts, and undergarments.

3.) Switch my phone to Sprint and get the Iphone 4. My 3GS died, and I want off of AT&T.

4.) A pair of quality sandals– Kyle is right, flip flops don’t really cut it.

Okay… Anyways.



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