The Guide to You’re Out of College…

— I’ve moved to Word Press, it’s much cleaner, don’t ask questions.

I just  wanted to share some thoughts, on life outside of college; it’s interesting that I can finally say that. After deciding that I wasn’t going to consider grad school unless I paid off my undergraduate degree– I gladly accepted my Bachelor of Science in English, got married, and moved to Portland, Maine. My next educational endeavors will probably include Graduate School for Special Education, and a teaching license.

But I digress…


1. You could be part of the population that believes in marriage.

Like me, you could be considering this “idea” called marriage. I thought it was crazy, but I was pretty much all for it. As a member of society you’re one of the few who have made the conscious effort to move out of your parent’s attic, and do something “responsible” for your life. What could be better than that?

2. You’re unemployed *but are lucky enough to have someone to help you out…

Yeah, that’s a big one. If you’re lucky enough you may have interviews, and you may be waiting with bated breath for someone to take you under their wings, and tell you– you are worthy of employment. Currently though, you’re unemployed, and waiting patiently.

3. You have a savings account, wait what!?

You can now have a savings account without going completely broke every month. Isn’t that terrifying and awesome all at once. You don’t have to spend all of your measly $80 (that was most of my Sophomore year of college) paycheck on either *a* bill, or cheap college food from Walmart. Oh hey, you can even afford to go out sometimes.

4. You can use your tax return for something besides books for your college courses.

Isn’t that a nifty idea? Kyle tells me I’m too practical, my idea was to keep it all in savings– see number three for more details.

5. You have to learn how to make friends OUTSIDE of college.

I’m still getting a hang of that one– it’s a work-in-progress.

6. Day trips, and outings. 

Yes, you can actually plan those– to some extent.

7. Being an “adult” thoroughly confuses you.

Yes, sometimes it does– other times, I just say “huh” and move on with my day.


Enough said. No more fancy phone bills, real hardcore bills.

9. You want to go to bed super early.

You feel like an old person– and want to go to bed super early. I’m serious, I don’t understand how I complained about having to go to bed at 10:00, there are some days when I want to cuddle under the covers by 9:30.

10. You realize that the “drama” of the past, and those around you isn’t worth it.

You realize that some people just don’t get it, and you gracefully move on.





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