Top 10: Portland, Maine.

This is a top ten list of things I like about Portland, Maine.

1. You can pretty much walk almost anywhere, some places it’s better to take the bus or find a car, but if you were desperate you could almost walk anywhere.

2. Poutine, I know you could probably find this anywhere else, but this was where I was introduced to the artery-clogging french fry gooey-ness. Poutine is essentially french fries, brown gravy, and melted cheese curds all at once. It’s pretty spectacular folks.

3. First Friday’s, enough said.

4. Seafood, local seafood…or seafood that didn’t come to far from here. Essentially living near an ocean has its benefits.

5. Portland’s Downtown District.

6. Eastern Prom, I love walking to the Eastern Prom, it’s so pretty and the ocean is magnificent once you get over the hill. ❤

7. All of the yummy food places. It’s awesome, and over half of them are in walking distance.

8. Our apartment, I love it. The living room has the wrap around windows, it’s pretty damn awesome to just stare out and watch the cars and people go by.

9. Ice skating on a pond, since when does that happen?

10. The amount of art, theater, and since of that “local” movement, really it’s great.


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