2011 a Review in Pictures

I just wanted to share a little visual recap of 2011, as it has now come to a close. It’s been a interesting year, and so far I’m glad it’s now over…


What you see above is Darlene and I with are attempt to make potpourri out of those little cutie skins. I think that we added nutmeg and cinnamon. What I most remember about January is hanging out with Darlene. Such quotes such as “EYEBROWS, BOOM” came out of that month, and lots of good times. I really do miss my best friend. 


Snowmaggedon, and Valentines Day, this was a hard month away from the Kyle, but obviously I made it. This is the scarf I made him for Valentines day. Most of what I remember from this month is Theater Theory, and snow. It’s a great memory, eh.


My first trip to Portland, Maine to not only see Kyle, but two of our very good friends Brianna and Colin. It’s easily the best spring break I have ever had.


Saw warmer weather, and finally went to St. Mary of the Woods College’s earth day, it was pretty spectacular; ran into friends, petted a alpaca and had amazing food. Definitely worth it all… such a good day.


My husband (then fiance graduated, it was pretty epic). TAP Banquet, senior photo… These are some great people.


June was filled with being successful at building a bonfire at Darlene’s, going on random adventures with Amanda and Darlene… and then to find the Mystery Machine in Nashville, Indiana with my mom and brother. It was a good month, and the wild strawberries were abundant.


Was filled with lots of work, lots of classes, and farmer’s markets. This was one of the boards I did for our fresh seafood.


This month was filled with my second trip to Portland Maine, this time I went on a picnic with Kyle to Bug Light, watched a awesome dog named Jelly, and overall enjoyed myself. The semester started much to my dismay, but at least it started out with good classes.

I got my Sigma Tau Delta certificate, and pin. A happy moment, indeed.


Was not the most exciting month, my iPhone broke, and the apartment in Terre Haute got a very bad case of bedbugs, so I was pretty much miserable.


Graduation and Bridal Shower party, it was a whirlwind month.


December saw my 23rd birthday, my odd bachelorette party, and a marriage between my best friend and I. It was a glorious month, in which we spent two day at a local bed & breakfast, traveled 18 hours to move back to Maine, and spent our first Christmas alone together. It was a glorious month.

I think 2011 went well, now onto the adventure of 2012! It can only go up from here.


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