10 things I love [Christmas Edition]

A list of things about this Christmas that I love.

1. Living in Portland Maine; the Maine College of Art has some awesome balls of lights (in many different colors) gracing the front, it’s quite beautiful.

Maine College of Art

2. The apartment, I wish I had pictures, but since Kyle and I have unpacked and moved in I haven’t had time, It’s so awesome. It’s like hipster meets kitchy. We however bought these curtains when we went to Ikea, and they look awesome in our living room area.

3. Hockey Skates. I walked into the living room to find a pair of hockey skates on a chair with a big blue bow on them. It was quite spectacular, and I’m happy I got them. He’s been playing his pair up all year, which was on purpose… but still.

4. Getting to Portland safely.(Three stops on the second day for car overheating…) I was super grateful to see State Street.

5. The Christmas cards that came to the apartment, as well as wedding cards and gifts.They’re such a nice welcome to open, amidst all of the moving about.

6. Getting married, and moving; enough said.(Sorry Indiana, I really don’t miss you).

7. IKEA run, oh my gosh. Oh IKEA…I just wanted to buy ALL OF THE THINGS!

8. Being able to afford some furniture, despite today’s folly with the couch finally giving out, it’s nice to know that at some point we can replace the couch.

9. Safety,faith, friends, family, holiday feelings and music. I’m so grateful for everything and for everyone who has supported us this year. It’s great to see everything, and everyone. I love you all! ❤ (by the way the image below, not mine). 

10. My hubby and best friend playing music while I blog… then running off to play Skyrim. He’s adorable, and I can’t believe that he exists in my life. It’s too surreal.


Thank you for all of you, and be brilliant. ❤ Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.



One thought on “10 things I love [Christmas Edition]

  1. aww, I just discovered your blog and I am LOVING it! cant wait to read all of them- luckily I am on vaca this week so I can do a few indulgence type things like hanging out on FB. yes, Kyle is adorable and you are a GEM!

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