Feminism: translated

This has been on my mind lately. It’s the idea of feminism in the postmodern world. I could go about this quite academically (I’m sure there are people that have, and are currently). However since this is my blog— It will be quite objective; so if you don’t agree with me that is cool.

Previously our mothers and grandmothers were taught that your ultimate goal was to keep the husband happy. Throughout the decades women rebelled in various ways (1. learning to become more powerful, 2.) obtaining jobs outside of the home just to name two of them…

However now in 2011, we still see feminism- we advocate, we reach out- we come to the idea that if you’re girly it’s weak; a woman shouldn’t be weak. Where is that fine line in which these two ideas can share ideas? Kyle (my fiance) and I were talking about this. I was telling Kyle that I feel guilty because I don’t advocate feminism enough. He brought up these points though that are valid:

  • I will be graduating with a degree,
  • I will be holding a job after college,
  • I am keeping most of my last name after I am married,
  • I vote,
  • and I am independent.

Just because I don’t necessarily advocate doesn’t make me not feminist. It’s confusing and a little awkward sometimes though, I’m not hardcore. Although I’m tomboyish I don’t necessarily see feminism in this day in age having to embrace this fully.

I personally believe one can be feminist and girly. This doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong because you believe in yourself and your values. Why can’t we all see that?! A girl can go around in a cute vintage dress and eyeliner if she damn well pleases and rip her bra off and burn it at the same time/ advocate for better treatment of women in a act of advocating (by the way the bra motif, never happened).

I mean hell if that’s the case then our fore-mothers who advocated and even starved themselves for the right to vote wouldn’t be feminists. They believed in something, and that was voting rights for women. I think most of this has to do with the idea that pants, were out of the case for women. I think that is why perceptions have been this way… I’m not saying we should all wear dresses again; but more like be who you are.

If you’re a dress kind of girl, rock it. It’s okay to like cute panda bears, and other things cutesy. It’s okay to have a pikachu purse while you advocate for women’s health rights. 

I was reading a article that was an interview with Zooey Deschanel. What you need to understand is that I personally find her amazing. I would love to be friends with her, that’s how awesome she is. (I don’t usually follow celebs, but she’s the exception).  Anyways, I was reading this article. It wasn’t (the article) closely edited because the inner editor picked up a few… errors.

(Mind you I haven’t looked at this yet…)

However, Deschanel said something that struck home. She said that it’s okay to be girly and that we need to examine this idea of “girly” as being perceived as weak.

“Here’s the thing about being a girlie girl. I think there was a generation before us that felt like they needed to act like men to be taken seriously, like they had to use their sexuality to take control of people. I don’t judge people for that. But I don’t want to take all my clothes off and use myself as an object. It’s part of the machine and I don’t think that necessarily pushes us forward as women. I think you can still be girlie and maintain your power. The fact that you associate being girlie with being non-threatening, that is … I mean, I can’t think of more blatant example of playing into exactly the thing that we’re trying to fight against. I can’t be girlie? Why do I need to be defined aesthetically by someone else’s perceptions of what makes me seem like someone who should be taken seriously? I’m going to wear whatever I want to wear, because I’m expressing myself, and I deserve that right. And I like the way that looks. You’re not demeaning yourself by acting girlie. I think the fact that people are associating being girlie with weakness, that needs to be examined. Not me dressing girlie. I don’t think that undermines my power at all.”

I think she hits it right in the nail when she says this. Why are we fighting stereotypes to reach the ultimate feminist behavior/society? The views on a certain stereotype need to be reexamined before they can be properly implemented.

Also why do we care what others perceive us as? Oh right, we’re human. Point is, is that we need to be able to accept who we are. If we want to feminism we have to break the old stereotypes to truly be free. If you’re girly, and you like your independence— you’re still a feminist. You don’t have to be hardcore tomboy to be feminist. It isn’t how you look, it’s how you advocate.

If you want to advocate in your 3 inch heels and mini dress, go girl. If you want to advocate in baggy jeans and a t-shirt. You rock it hard.

We shouldn’t be defined by our appearance, but how we create internally and how that translates externally.


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