Portland Maine: 5 days.

There is a police officer outside of our apartment directing traffic. Why? I have no clue! I am also not being very nosy— obviously. I have been in Portland since Wednesday evening.  In the last couple of days I have explored Portland, dog-sat, went to a beach, and ate at some very yum places here in Portland. That includes Kyle’s cuisine, which is quite magnificent!! (My boy can cook). The mornings here are gorgeous… instead of the sound of like a train waking you up… or the sound of? It’s the sound of SEAGULLS waking you up. When you’re from a state that doesn’t reside next to a major body of ocean these birds are a bit on the unique and  what I like to call as the “what the…?” reaction. They’re awesome though!! I kind of don’t mind it; what has been bothering me is that I now wake up at 5:30 a.m. because that’s when it gets really light out here. I kind of like it though because I have light waking me up instead of an alarm clock! (that being said I should probably tell you that when at home I live in a room converted from the garage, and it has no windows; only a door but I would not let the crazies come in at night— because they would.) Hence why it is 7:23 on Sunday morning; Kyle is asleep and I am wide-awake blogging on the couch. Watching a very awesome dog swivel her ears around.

Have I mentioned I really like Portland? The farmer’s market here is amazing!

All and all it’s been an interesting trip, and I’m glad I get to spend some valuable time with Kyle. I’ve quite enjoyed myself. Trips to the beach, eating clams and mussels made by Kyle, trips around town, realizing that my calf-muscles needed exercise. Also learning that things break under impact of a knee! It was fun though until that point! Fun after that point too, and I got to see outside of Portland, hurrays!

I also realized that as much as I want to stay I still need to finish college; smart decision move right?

Also we need a floor lamp and another bookshelf. 🙂 All and all this is a very awesome apartment! I just miss the people who used to have this apartment as their own…

My prayers go out to those involved with last night’s stage accident at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. I’m glad people responded quickly, however this is still saddening. Just keep everyone involved in your prayers and thoughts!

I ramble, but for now.



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