Portland, Maine: It’s Okay, right?

It is currently 4:26 p.m and I am sitting in our apartment. I just got done setting up some furniture and pulling a few things out here and there. It looks like we’ll need more bookshelf space; such is the life of two avid readers?  I keep pulling stuff out randomly unable to find a space for it. Maybe I should garage sale what I brought up at some point? Who knows, I packed it because at one point it had sentimental value. Oh well…I knew I would run into that problem.

So despite my all day life at some airport or other yesterday, I am safely in Portland, Maine. It’s really exciting. Coffee By Design, and well of course my favorite local record shop had the new She & Him CD on sale, which I picked up. I realized that tourists— like OBVIOUS tourists are kind of awkward and annoying. I know most of you are rolling your eyes and saying “BUT YOU ARE ONE.” My reply to that is— at least I know my way around.  I followed a lady and her husband who were obviously New Yorkers it was great listening to them talk.

However, after a productive morning of walking and realizing I should just learn how to cut my own hair… ($40 for a haircut, ouch!). I am sitting in the apartment a quilt rack and a vanity and stool set up… and reveling in the internet.

It’s my mini-vacation. I’m resting before the fall semester starts; what better way to do it in my own place in which I share with Kyle. (He bought me flowers yesterday, aww). 

My adventure continues (including in how Kaiulani learns how to tell awkward nerds to bug off…).

…Ah joy.


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