Vintage Nation (A Small Guide to Living Greener)

Vintage Nation (A guide to loving mother earth)


            So much around us, we talk about becoming more “green” and by that we mean reducing the waste, reducing the production, and saving mother earth from a Wall E type of fate, correct? That has been on my mind for months and months as I try to grapple with a way to respect the ultimate mother, and allow for my blunders as a human (it is a hard gamble).  I am a hippie by mind-frame, but I would like to point out that I’m not the counter-culture type of hippie; I am more of a hippie in idealism.  However, if I were a true hippie/hipster I would stop being so material! I am sure many of you have had the same feelings about stuff like this, I must not be the only one who thinks about this type of stuff, right?! (Oh I probably am…)  As I slowly learn to respect the mother more, I am slowly learning new tips of the trade in which I can stop being such a pest to her.  Many of these have been beaten into our brain since this movement started, but many you might not really think about on a daily basis, or at all.

            Part of this is created so that I can start writing guides. I quite enjoy writing guides on various subjects, so if you haven’t noticed this guide is created in which to help you become better acquainted with pleasing mother earth, and reducing the bad that we have been shoving into her. (It’s kind of the whole idea, that if you feed a kid the bad food, it may become obese—same with mother earth, only she becomes quite ill, to the point of us having to find alternate ways to live on earth).

            I want to address my blog title, for this first part of the guide. Many femme girls out there like to shop, I am more of the tomboy, but I still enjoy a good sale and alternative hippie/indie clothing, and I do quite enjoy getting my hair done!  What many of you have or have not noticed, is that there lately has been a craze to return to older fashion styles! Some stores want you to pay up to $80.00 for clothing that reflects this style, when you can in theory support your local parent’s wardrobe or even support local vintage stores that pop up in the area.

            There are many reasons in which one can support this movement, or should in fact support this movement.

            -Not only do you get some super cute items through vintage stores, vendors on Etsy, or even through your mother’s old clothing, you are reducing the amount created, and the amount of fossil fuels to ship and create the clothing.

            – This goes especially if you support your local vintage store, you are not only supporting them, but also supporting the local economy, and that helps your community out in the long run.


            -It recycles something may have in attic, that would have probably went to the trash anyways.

For example, I can’t say that I buy completely vintage; I am a woman who has hips, and body. Women just weren’t made like I am back then, but occasionally I can find dresses, skirts, and even shirts that fit. Sometimes though, I have to buy new, but when I do it’s rare.

            Some ways you can get around this phenomenon is shopping gently used and second hand—such as Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, and again vintage stores, and using their dressing rooms to assess your sizing needs. (I’m not fat, I just have some curves.)

            Almost anything can be bought vintage, and if you have the know-how for repair that’s even better. Jewelry, glasses, about anything. Honestly some of my favorite jewelry is either stuff my mother used to wear, or gifts I have received from vintage stores.

All of these can help reduce the waste, and allow for us to recycle, and up cycle if you will older memories for newer generations. It’s the idea of passing on a good book to another person, and they doing the same once done. 🙂


            Another way you can help Mother Nature is by eating your local fruits, veggies, and meats! This sounds ridiculous but eating healthy is not only healthy for you, but for the environment. Eating local helps the environment as well!

v  When you eat locally you are not only eating healthy, but you are supporting those locally.

v  Less fossil fuels used to transport the goodies to you

v  Usually organic food is even better, because it is almost guaranteed to be pesticide and chemical free.

v  When you eat locally, especially with food like eggs, and meat you generally know the location, and how the animals are raised if you don’t buy locally you don’t always have that knowledge, which means you could be eating meat from somewhere where the animals are not taken care of. 

These measures again not only help the local economy but those around you. It’s the whole movement to get back to the basics.  Lastly, the last point I want to make in this mini guide is something that has been DRILLED into our heads, and that is to try to recycle! There are many options in communities where you can send recycling with your “garbage” as well as many public sites that have bins for glass, plastic, paper and cardboard. Hey if you can up cycle and reuse something you had, even better! Everything has a reusable purpose! Many people are finding alternatives to the everyday, such as toilet paper, baby diapers, and even minute items such as coffee grounds! If you can reuse it do so. For example coffee grounds make great fertilizer, it freshens your refrigerator, can be used as a hair dye if re-made strong enough, and you can even dry them out, and bake them to reuse as your morning coffee!

Anyways, I harp and harp on this—and in all honesty sometimes it is hard to be a femme who believes in her own advice, we get lazy, but sometimes this is a no-brainer.

ü  If you know of recycling that’s on your way to work, school, or even an errand make it part of your routine!

ü  Offer to switch up the recycling responsibilities so that if you cannot, someone else can…

Etc, etc. Every little bit counts in the end.


Anyways, I digress, I hope this doesn’t seem to random but this was on my brain as I ran errands, and got my “new” vintage sunglasses. Please enjoy and if you have suggestions, please let me know, and at some point this summer I might expand upon this…

Thanks for reading, and be awesome!

            Kaiulani Danielle Anderson-Liggett


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