The Beatles and Jesus

“But the fool on the hill sees the sun going down/and the eyes in his head see the world spinning round…” – The Beatles

Sometimes, you have to respect the fool for their views on the world, even if you don’t agree with it, that’s how Jesus was to the people of Nazareth, right? Everyone thought he was a fool, until something miraculous happened, and he proved them all wrong. What does a song written by the Beatles have to do with Jesus you ask? Frankly a lot, seriously people were burning their albums over here, because of a comment that was made about being more popular than Jesus—which of course caused a lot of Americans to become angry, and start burning stuff, like it was the Salem Witch Trials all over again, only … you know in the 1960’s, not the 1600’s.  Also, they were worshipped, like people who believe in God, should worship (however don’t, for various reasons). Hmm, also they were ground-breaking for their time, much like Jesus was, and still is in this era, that’s what Jesus and the Beatles or (Be-atles) have in common. Also these two subjects are two my most favorite subjects to talk about. Except don’t get me started on “Only a Northern Song” it is the only Beatle song I cannot stand.

Anywho, a random beginning to a  blog, I think a lot of it started because “The Fool on the Hill has been playing on my iPod shuffle quite a lot recently, and I’m totally not complaining about this. Also faith has been on my mind recently. I think a lot of it relies on the fact, of I’m reconsidering faith, my views on the church, and on the people who believe in God.  The other day I was helping my mom find summer lesson plans (because, I am a teacher at heart), and I was talking to the boy about how I missed VBS because of my ability to work with children and plan… and I came to the conclusion, that I enjoy working for the church. It’s rewarding, and fulfilling, also it’s embedded in me.  I’ve been going to church and surrounded by religion, faith, and Jesus since birth practically.  Sunday School, youth group outings, VBS, baptism, working as a children’s ministry intern, Triennials, and all of the FANTASTIC opportunities that have been presented to me in the church, it’s just INCREDIBLE! These experiences have shaped who I am today, as well as my upbringing.  I don’t even know where to start. Some of these “shapes” I have allowed, and some of them I have taken, and made my own.

I want to start with the fact that I have grown up in a household, that thanks to my mother I have been taught to be kind to everyone, and to be open-minded. I thank her immensely for this upbringing. There are a lot of ideas in the church, which I have either made my own, or had to scrap because it counteracted the idea of being open-minded. Not to say, that I don’t respect the view of the church, but I believe there is something else to see then the popular thought within. Other ideas, I have embraced—but also made my own, it’s this constant allowance of morphing, and yet molding in what He has for me, the maker, the one who created us whether we acknowledge it or not. I may be on the right road, and I may not—and one day I will find out if it was all worth it, I believe it is.

I want to start with the idea of women, and image perception in the church.  This was introduced to me at, my favorite camp ever (Quaker Haven Camp) up in Syracuse, IN. This is incredibly important in the Quaker church, for every camp, and youth gathering I’ve ever been to, this has always been brought up. In fact it makes proper sense to introduce it in an environment in which girls are constantly around. There is also the fact that there are a lot of girls with negative self-esteem when it comes to our bodies, I have been on many occasions a slave to the idea of poor body image towards one self. (Partly because my legs used to swell quite badly, and I thought I looked awkward, now that it’s fixed, my image is better- plus a boost from a loved one is always nice). It is nice being told you’re beautiful, constantly.  I digress, this is important to address, because a proper woman of faith should be modest, which I agree with, and they should adhere to a certain standards. For example, we are taught that modest, is not to tempt boys. Hence, when I would go to camp, spaghetti straps (even if it was still modest) was forbidden, and your sleeveless shirts had to be at least two finger lengths across, and of course your shorts had to be a proper length. (That’s all fine and dandy; I don’t really like seeing another chick’s bare butt.)  Luckily boys had standards of what they could and couldn’t wear.

This is not necessarily bad, but I feel that we are putting too much stock in teaching women to be modest, while neglecting the boys.  I once was able to have a honest discussion with someone on this, and they agreed that we don’t have enough education for the boys. If boys of faith are to exist, then they should adhere to the same standards that are put on women of faith, however I don’t see this happening, and it’s a little frustrating. We are taught to not tempt the boys, but the boys will be tempted either way. We have boobs, and most of us have a toosh. WE CAN BE CLOTHED, and still tempt. I’m glad we teach positive body image, I am glad that modesty is taught (I try to adhere to modesty…even Kyle has noted that a lot of my clothing is very modest). However, I think we have gone slightly overboard. Showing your shoulders is NOT immodest if done right. I have done it on many occasions… and I apologize if that didn’t go somewhere, it was something on my mind.

In another direction, I have been out of it lately, I’m glad I have friends and work to keep me busy and distracted. Such as the other day the amazing Amanda introduced me to Prince Poppycock from last season’s America’s Got Talent, and O-OH FABULOUS. Frankly I have a hate-love relationship with reality TV… mostly hate, but I think it’s more bearable with a friend. I spent a good part of my evening Saturday watching the first episode of America’s Got Talent for this season, and it was enjoyable at least. I wish I had internet, so I could watch TV—but that might be a long time coming in this house, and frankly I will be in Maine in 6 months with internet, woa- half a year.  I’ve also been trying to work it out to see my favorite guys in Maine in August.  That would be my fiancé, and Garrison Keillor, one of the most brilliant people in literature, and performance. (This is totally my opinion). However, I have not really been able to save because of bills, I mean I think I have money in my account, plus if I get the apartment in the fall, I have to be able to provide $350 upfront, before I can fill out the pay by semester form… at least they’ll take my aid. It’s going to be an interesting summer, and I’m really convinced that I’m secretly a hermit. This semester kind of brought that out, so thank you to Amanda and Darlene for pulling me out, it’s appreciated.

            Oh…. Well. I guess?



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