Mostly DIY Wedding Decoration Inspiration Blog: Part Doom!

If you will, this is my inspiration blog for all wedding decorations. The girly-girl in me came out yesterday— and I decided to look at DIY wedding ideas and look at using “upcycled props” for this idea I came up with the idea of visiting my local recycling center for props.  The one in my hometown has “school house” with stuff that teachers could use. My mom has been using this as long as I remember (which I applaud her for). My projects will probably take place with the epic, Mrs. Colleen Turner Beville. She is such a great friend, and also like to get her craft on.

So without much ado, I give you a inspiration blog, deal. I must say that I absolutely love Etsy. You can not only support local artisans— but people on this website care what they sell!

This seller in general, has great inspiration for what I would like to do with my wedding. My wedding will be in December, and indoors but with the building I feel it could work. Of course this is subject to change if people don’t really dig it— but still.

Pomanders are kind of cool. I really like these two the best.

Non-traditional, whimsical pomander  

or paper flowers, which I found a nice tutorial on how to do them.

I then moved onto centerpieces/aisle pieces

The alternative to this includes taking off the cheesy heart, and replacing that with sand and little white votive candles, but you get my drift…Mason or baby jars. These come from this shop… I have wooden bride and grooms, that I was supplied with, but I can use these for home decor so I think the price would be worth it. 

and lastly but not least… I have found these neat twine chandeliers with directions on how to do them would be perfect!   is the link for this….

These are just a few ideas to the many that zoom all over. Enjoy!



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