” stumble, they’re going to eat me alive…”

I can do this on my own… I was never made to be completely dependant, and I realize you love me- and are looking out for me, but in reality I AM a big girl— and I CAN take care of myself. I have always been self-sufficient, and I am SMART. Do you forget this? Is it because I do not travel the world for my supper? Is it because I am a free-spirit with a optimistic side, who isn’t completely jaded by life?

What is it? Your sheer lack of love for me? I dearly hope so… and I dearly hope that my purpose in life is shown to me in grace, a little at a time, because the worldly view looks a little bleak right now.

I would love to have my teaching license, I would love to say that I passed the Math portion the first time, and I would dearly love to move onto the rest of my blocks. I would also not like to be graduating next December, but that is life and if there is a reason, I hope it’s a good one.

and I hope I can pass, I guess I might just have to take my mum’s advice and lock myself away from people, just so I can pass this test/s. I don’t know. It’s not hopeful, and I’m complaining, but I’m so ugh. Oh well.

Prayer’s are needed. I wind down and digress… I guess that’s all for tonight. I just want to feel better about my life.


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