February 4th was awhile ago…

Many apologies, seeing as no one actually reads this— I don’t mind rambling my heart out to the world. This summer has been an adventure even if it means it is an adventure spent at home.

No internships graced my lips this summer, I am not working in children’s ministry, but I am working, and I enjoy what I do immensely, so I guess that is what matters (plus I get to help watch the children who come in at the store buu :3) What have I been doing with my life?::

As of this summer, I have been working at Double Oak Green Grocery in Columbus (IN, folks) it is amazing, and I get paid for working many, many hours but that is just fine with me. I have been taking 9 credit hours collectively between Ivy Tech Columbus, and IUPUC (Indiana Purdue University of Columbus). I have been having random adventures with friends (when I have time, my latest adventures included the 4-H fair, and running away to Indy). Uh… and I am slowly trying to get finances around for the fall semester, and desperately trying to save money but EPICALLY failing. I just said, epically, yes. I also have been spending time with my mum and brother, and just trying to make time to myself (which never happens) … but when it does it is bliss!

I also got to work with Riverside Theater Company here in Columbus! I worked as a assistant stage manager, and due to schedule restraints, I ended up being house manager which is still a great oppurtunity. I am ready for the fall to start, but all in all it happens. I hope to keep updating this periodically, so if you want to hear about my life, than you can pop in.

That is your choice.



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